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British Library

Relocation of Low-use Collections

In January 2009, the British Library started a programme of moving their collection of low-use items out of London. This was to be the largest programme of moves that had been undertaken since the opening of the St Pancras site  in 1998. The transfer of low-use items to a new storage facility in Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, took place in phases. This first phase saw 10.6% of the total collection transferred to Boston Spa.  The period of restricted access during the moving process will not affect St Pancras’ high-use material such as rare books, manuscripts, maps, sound archives and music scores.

The low use collection relocation took place as the British Library was forced to vacate current leasehold storage buildings. Firstly these failed to provide adequate environmental conditions. Secondly, the Library did not have the opportunity to extend the leases. The relocation to Boston Spa was to allow the British Library to rationalise their collection storage, provide future growth space, and continue to act as guardians of the national collection.

The closure of the newspaper library in Colindale, and the transfer of the newspaper collections, formed part of Phase Two of the Collection Moves programme.  Moving the hard copy collections to the state-of-the-art storage conditions in Boston Spa started in 2009 and gave options to  considerably improve record lifespan. Microfilm of the materials is still available at the St Pancras site.


The new Newspaper facility at Boston Spa was formally opened in January 2015, details at


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